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Unformatted text preview: oked when a key has been typed •  Use KeyAdapter to easily make an instance of this interface Paint: Comparison with OCaml How does our treatment of shape drawing in Java compare with the OCaml GUI project? Java Design Summary public interface Shape { public void draw(Graphics gc); Interface describes what shapes can do } public class PointShape implements Shape { … } public class LineShape implements Shape { … } Classes describe how to draw themselves private class Canvas extends JPanel { public void paintComponent(Graphics gc) { super.paintComponent(gc); for (Shape s : actions) if (preview != null) } } s.draw((Graphics2D)gc); preview.draw((Graphics2D)gc); Canvas uses dynamic dispatch to draw the shapes type point = int * int! type shape = ! | Point of Gctx.color * int * point! | Line of Gctx.color * int * point * point! (* Repaint function for displaying the canvas. *)! let repaint (g:Gctx.t) : unit =! let actions = List.rev paint.shapes in! let drawit d = ! begin match d with! | Point (c,t,p) -> ! ! Gctx.draw_points (set_params g c t) p! | Line (c,t,p1,p2) -> ! Gctx.draw_line (set_params g c t) p1 p2! end in ! List.iter drawit actions CIS 120 ! Comparison with OCaml •  How does our treatment of shape drawing in the Java Paint example compare with the OCaml GUI project? •  Java: –  –  –  –  Interface Shape for drawable objects Classes implement that int...
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