Aen3. Notes to Aeneid IX-XII

Aen3. Notes to Aeneid IX-XII - Classics 2123 The Roman Way...

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Classics 2123: The Roman Way Spring 2008 Notes to Virgil’s Aeneid , Books IX-XII Book IX. War finally breaks out, the full-scale battles spoken of in Book VII. The book divides into three sections: (1) Turnus and the Rutulians attack the Trojan ships. (2) Nisus and Euryalus attempt to bring a message to Aeneas (3) Battles and Victories of Turnus. 59ff. Note the description of Turnus. 97ff. The invocation is made to alert the reader to the supernatural tale that follows. 232-6 Nisus and Euryalus have already been introduced to the reader back in Book V during the games for Anchises: their friendship there had been especially noted: see V. 388ff. 243-6 The question is of great importance in the Aeneid : did Venus send a passion upon Dido or is Dido’s passion symbolized in Venus? Why does Virgil continue to question the gods? 293 A reference to those left behind in Sicily (at end of Book V) 1073 wife-and-sister: Juno Questions to Consider for Book IX 1. In this book an important episode is the unsuccessful expedition of Nisus and Euryalus. Consider why this expedition fails, what specifically they do wrong, and how their failure ties in with the themes earlier seen in the epic. 2. What do lines 243-246 of Book IX say about how we view divine intervention and human motivation in the Aeneid ? Book X
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Aen3. Notes to Aeneid IX-XII - Classics 2123 The Roman Way...

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