Carriers are not liable for freight claims if the

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Unformatted text preview: ckage the freight or other negligent ―act of the shipper‖ Extreme fragility, perishability, or similarly problematic ―inherent nature of the goods‖ Maintain In-Transit Visibility manage key events as product moves across the supply chain technology facilitates the ability to monitor product visibility tools must be linked to other capabilities and processes to have an impact on supply chain event management Monitor Service Quality analyze the outcome of all their transportation strategy, planning, and decision-making key requirement for service quality monitoring is information Transportation Metrics Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Can be used to evaluate Current performance versus historical results Internal goals Carrier commitments Challenge lies in narrowing down metrics available to monitor performance to a manageable number of KPIs Primary categories of transportation KPIs include service, quality, and efficiency Transportation Management Systems (TMS) Critical applications include the following: Routing and scheduling proper planning of delivery routes has a major impact on customer satisfaction, supply chain performance, and organizational success Load planning effective preparation of safe, efficient deliveries Exceptional planning software has pallet positioning, weight distribution and cube maximizing capacity Load tendering Status tracking Appointment scheduling Chapter 10 Supplement_U.S. Logistics forecast by sector from American Shipper Magazine...
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