Transportation also has a major economic impact on

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Unformatted text preview: has a major economic impact on the financial performance of businesses. Role of Transportation in Supply Chain Management Transportation provides the critical links between these organizations, permitting goods to flow between their facilities. Transportation service availability is critical to demand fulfillment in the supply chain. Transportation efficiency promotes the competitiveness of a supply chain Challenges to Carrying out This Role supply chain complexity competing goals among supply chain partners changing customer requirements limited information availability synchronizing transportation with other supply chain activities Challenges to Carrying out This Role Transportation capacity constraints can pose a challenge. Rising transportation rates are a major concern for most companies. The transportation industry is impacted by governmental requirements that affect cost structures and service capabilities. Regulation is growing in areas where the transportation industry has the potential to impact the quality of life, the safety of citizens, and the growth of commerce. Modes of Transportation Truck Rail Air Water Pipeline Mode...
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