Carriers domestic market is dominated by 14 major

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Unformatted text preview: ion as the equipment is fixed in place and the product moves through it in high volume 174 operators of hazardous liquid pipelines that primarily carry crude oil and petroleum products Three primary types Gathering lines Trunk lines Refined product pipelines High fixed versus low variable Intermodal Transportation Use of two or more different modes in movement Greater accessibility Overall cost efficiency Facilitates global trade Development of standardized containers that are compatible with multiple modes. Product-handling characteristics Containerized freight Transload freight Modes of Transportation Functional Control of Transportation Which department will be responsible for transportation? Logistics Procurement Marketing Finance Questions to ask regarding Transportation Decision Making Do I want to Control my own Transportation Spend? (scalability, ROA) What are my terms of Sale? What is the impact on our firms facilities & Operations? (security, volume, size, hours of operations, liability, asset...
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