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Service provided within a mode impacts carrier

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Unformatted text preview: rs Rate Negotiations centralized freight rate negotiations developing contracts with carriers for a tailored set of transportation services at a specific price leveraging volume with a small set of carriers Shipment Preparation corporate transportation routing guide last-minute, cost-saving decisions consolidate freight coordinate shipment deliveries take full advantage of container capacity an accurate freight count should be taken Freight Documentation Bill of Lading originates the shipment provides all the information the carrier needs stipulates the contract terms, including carrier’s liability for loss and damage acts as a receipt for the goods the shipper tenders to the carrier in some cases, shows certificate of title to the goods Freight bill carrier’s invoice for carrier charges lists: shipment origin and destination consignee items total weight total charges Freight claims form Filed with the carrier to recoup monetary losses resulting if carrier fails to protect the shipment. Carriers are not liable for freight claims if the damage is attributable to: Natural disaster or some other ―act of God‖ Military attack or similar ―act of public enemy‖ Government seizure of freight or ―act of public authority‖ Failure to adequately pa...
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