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L02. Roman Way Exam 1 (S07)

L02. Roman Way Exam 1 (S07) - CLA 2123 The Roman Way First...

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CLA 2123: The Roman Way Name ____________________________________ First Exam. February 8, 2007 Please read all directions carefully; no credit will be given for doing more than is required in each section. Part I. Identifications (35 points) . Choose FIVE of the following and identify each briefly but as fully as you can. Complete sentences are not necessary, but complete ideas are. tribune of the plebs pax deorum Fabian tactics Equestrians ( Equites ) client army familia dictator Vestal Virgins Part II. Passages (15 points) . Choose THREE of the following passages: for each one, explain the context and say why the passage is important or significant for the study of Roman civilization. Do NOT summarize or paraphrase the passage. 1. We venerate the sources of great rivers; we build altars where large streams of water suddenly burst forth from hidden regions; we worship hot springs; and we consecrate certain lakes because of their darkness or depth. 2. Ligdus was a freeborn man, but from a lower-class family. He was a poor man, but moral and honorable. He told
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