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Unformatted text preview: of the elements in the periodic table from within the Adobe Acrobat reader to retriev e information about that element from the WebElements site. To do this, you will need an appropriate Web browser program. You may need to update your Adobe Acrobat Reader program []. WebEl ements WebElements is the periodic table on the world-wide web. WebElements is located at Updates For updat es to this table see http://www. nexus/Pri ntable_Peri odic_Table . This version of the WebElements printable periodic table is dated 21 September 2007. Conditi ons of use The author endeavours to ensure the information in the WebElements printable periodic table is correct but a condition of your use of it is that you accept the author has no liability for problems arising from y our use of the WebElements print able periodic table. You are free to distribute this file WEBELEM2.PDF by any means provided you do not charge for the file or its distribution, and you do not change the name of the file or change it in any ot her way. Proposals regarding commercial distribution of this file should be made to the author. You may print and distribut e as many copies of the periodic table from the WEBELEM2.PDF file as you wish for any purpos e prov ided you do not charge for thos e copies. Proposals regarding commercial distribution of printed c opies of the periodic table generated from the WEBELEM2.PDF file s hould be made to the aut hor. Copyright ©2007 Dr Mark J Winter [ [email protected] heffield.], WebElements Ltd. and University of Sheffield. Depart ment of Chemistry The Univ ersity Sheffield S3 7HF, England...
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