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Unformatted text preview: : the numeric system (1–18) used here is the current IUPAC convention. Atomic weights (mean relative masses): Apart from the heaviest elements, these are the IUPAC 2007 values and given to 5 significant figures. Elements for which the atomic weight is given within square brackets have no stable nuclides and are represented by the element’s longest lived isotope reported at the time of writing. ©2007 Dr Mark J Winter [WebElements Ltd and University of Sheffield, [email protected]]. All rights reserved. For updates to this table see (Version date: 21 September 2007). The WebElements™ printable periodic table Printi ng the WebElements printable peri odic table You can us e this Adobe Ac robat file to print single or multiple copies of the periodic table. For printing advic e, consult the Adobe Ac robat documentation. The WEBELEM2.PDF file has been us ed succ essfully to print on A4 paper but should also print on US letter sized paper. Web Li nks If you are connected to the Internet and your Adobe Acrobat soft ware is sufficiently current, click on any...
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