O06. Internal Disorders-Roman Slavery

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Classics 2123: The Roman Way Spring 2008 Lecture 6. Internal Disorders; Roman Slavery Readings : BHR 82-92; Shelton 207-209, 219, 227-229, 317-318 I. Establishment of Roman provincial government Provincia : sphere of action of a magistrate with imperium . - after First Punic War, Sicily and Corsica/Sardinia made into first two provinces; two praetors added to govern these provinces annually; after Second Punic War, two Spains (Nearer & Farther) created as provinces; now 4 provinces; two praetors added for these - after this, however, no new praetors: instead Romans had recourse to prorogation Prorogation : men retain imperium after year of office; acting for a consul ( pro consule ) or a praetor ( pro praetore ); we refer to them as proconsuls or propraetors. Senate decides which provinces are to be held by men of consular, which by men of praetorian rank. They have proconsular or propraetorian imperium ; the usual tenure 1 year, (usually the year after holding office at Rome), but more when necessary. -
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