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O07. Roman Religion

O07. Roman Religion - -Capitoline Triad(Jupiter Juno...

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Classics 2123: The Roman Way Spring 2008 Outline for Lecture 7. Roman Religion Readings: BHR 41-44; Shelton nos. 402-419, 423-428 Problems Studying Ancient Religious Systems - time and culture (modern politics separated from religion) - vocabulary and personal biases Roman Religion Basics - polytheism (many gods, infinite number) v. monotheism (one god) (Shelton 405,406) - religio in the Roman sense ( religare : to bind; relegere : to pick up again) - superstitio : an irrational fear of the unknown - ritual: set of actions that must be done in a specific order and in the correct order - formalism (Shelton 404) Roman State Religion - no “pure” Roman religion, traditional religion - animism: attribution of a spirit to an inanimate object (Shelton 402, 403) - anthropomorphism: applying human features or attributes to other objects or living things - lar familiaris : ancestral spirits that protected the household and the members - lararium : shrine for the lar - penates : protective household deities The Gods - 12 Olympians and assimilation (Shelton 407, 410)
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Unformatted text preview: -Capitoline Triad (Jupiter, Juno, Minerva)-Venus-Vesta/Hestia-importation (Shelton 408) The Religious Officers-pax deorum : peace with the gods-pontifices (pontifex maximus) : “bridge builders” (Shelton 426)-Vestal Virgins (Shelton 427, 428)-augurs: practiced augury , a form of divination in determining the will of the gods through the flight and eating habits of birds (Shelton 416, 417)-haruspices : determining the will of the gods by looking at the internal organs of sacrificial animals (Shelton 418)-oracles (Shelton 419) Ritual Basics-Do ut des (“I give so that you may give”)-sacrifices (blood and bloodless: e.g., libation, a sacrifice of liquids)-prayer v. vows (Shelton 415, 414) Festivals-dies fasti : lucky days, can do mortal business during them-dies nefasti : unlucky days, devoted to the gods, no mortal activities-Lupercalia (February 15) (Shelton 423)-Saturnalia (December 17) (Shelton 424, 425)...
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