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Unformatted text preview: ly in terms of isp other hand, when a solution of soluble [7 On High molecular + + H2O (6) polymerizes to silica. The neutralization of a solutio [(H 2 . The conversion of a pH [Si(OH) 610 .5, may be following way: OH ion O)Si(OH)5 ] - acid to of 6, below ] neutralized bynumbersilica to silicate-2ion in terms ofwhich formed whenhighlyweight aggregates the silicate are is always the pH of OH High molecular alkaline, silicate coordination for silicon ; silicate, an alkali is of be as Dissolution follows: of 6, foracid, whichsolubleby is re formedbelow about.5,of.9anThisfollow glass in acid OH, below 10 101 . .OHcorres coordination of Sodium-silicate neutralized metasilicate may be represented alkali a lowered represented as number ions decompose to silicic silicon ; maythen waterto a pHwhen the pH the silicatesilic i(OH) ]-2 - Na-ionOn the as follows:The neutralizationa of a solution 2[SSiO2lowered below aboutnamely highly diffuses out leaving a silica rich soluble represented other hand, when a solution of layer decompose 6to O ratio acid, which. then]corr is /Na2 silicic of 4 .0, 10.9 This 2 + polymerizes to silica. ions silicate, which is always highlyfresh surface alkaline, is - leached2Hmetasilicate may be0represented polymerizes] to sodium 2O ratio (Na2 0 :4SiO2) . These H2O [(H20)Si(OH)5]-+ SiO 2 + layer flakes SiOexposing 2O - off 2 .2H 2 -- Si(OH)4 as[Si(OH)6 -2 +SiO2/Na silicate of 4 .0, namely highl (4) of soluble by acid to a pH below 10 follows: silica. The neutralization of a solution " OH neutralized .5, the silicate OH OH - aqueous solution of sodium silicate is highly alkaline polysilicate ions may 2be:4SiO2) . The SiO 2 + 2H2 O - SiO2 .2H 20 -- Si(OH)4of soluble metasilicate may be represented0 in equilibri (4) sodium silicate (Na as follows: OH 1 .OH OH ions2+2H2O -->SiO2. 2H2O acid, which then 2 SiO decompose to silicic -> Si(OH)4 5 ] OH-(5) = OH, [(H20)Si(OH) Si(OH)46+-2 +O + O H 2 H 2 OH (pH 13 .6) metasilicate''Ys[Si2(OH)5 ]_ +H2 0 polysilicate and disilicate anions, ( ions may be in equilib [Si(OH) ] to silica. The neutralization of a solution [(H20)Si(OH)5]-+ polymerizes 2 + 20H[(H20)Si(OH) 5 ] Si(OH)4 + H 2O + OH (5)-2 + Hpmetasilicate and disilicate anions olymerization + [Si(OH)6]-2 --sp.process can be expr...
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