O10. Fall of Republic

O10. Fall of Republic - Classics 2123: The Roman Way Fall...

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Unformatted text preview: Classics 2123: The Roman Way Fall 2008 Lecture 10. The Fall of the Roman Republic Readings : BHR 124-179. I. Career of Pompey (Gn. Pompeius Magnus) (106-48 BCE)- begins as supporter of Sulla: raises legions from his father’s troops (client army); allowed to triumph though only an equestrian- early years saw action in Spain and the final defeat of Spartacus’ men in 71 BCE- in 70 BCE Pompey consul with M. Licinius Crassus; restore full powers to the tribunate- in 67 BCE Pompey given an extraordinary three-year command over the whole Mediterranean against the pirates; command against Mithridates then added: enormously successful both against pirates and in the East, but was rebuffed by Senate when he returned to Rome in 62 BCE- makes alliance with Crassus and G. Iulius Caesar (so-called ‘First Triumvirate’: not an official title or term) in 60 BCE so as to advance their common interests II. Career of G. Iulius Caesar (100-44 BCE)- Caesar of an old (but not recently successful) patrician family; ambitious young man; had served...
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