2.5Bis 2c winter midterm 1 answer key

Extract dna from sample 2 run pcr on extracted dna 3

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Unformatted text preview: temperature, some archea can even survive multiple extremes at once like thermoacidophiles that can tolerate acidic conditions as well as high temperatures. SA5 1. Extract DNA from sample 2. Run PCR on extracted DNA 3. Send in PCR product for DNA sequencing 4. Align the DNA of the different organisms with one another 5. Perform a phylogenetic analysis of microbes in sample site based on similarities and differences in DNA SA6 A. All Organisms have ribosomal RNA (rRNA) (All organisms also have DNA as genetic material, ACTG as Nucleotides for DNA and ACUG as nucleotides in RNA, 3 letter genetic code, and 20 core amino acids ) B. rRNA evolves very slowly and is highly conserved so the differences between rRNA of separate species are very slight, and is not useful in determining more detailed relationships among closely related species....
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