O13. Aeneid II-VIII

O13. Aeneid II-VIII - Classics 2123: The Roman Way Spring...

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Unformatted text preview: Classics 2123: The Roman Way Spring 2008 Lecture 12. Virgils Aeneid , Books II-VIII I. Dido and Aeneas- Didos story: the wrong done her husband; her exile; her foundation of Carthage- her welcoming of the Trojans (the concern of Jupiter)- the plot of Venus- her shame, and her vow to her dead husband, Sychaeus- the plot of Venus and Juno; the marriage in the cave- Dido and Aeneas forget their roles; Jupiter intervenes- conflict between Dido and Aeneas: what issues are at stake?- her resolution to die; her cursing of Aeneas (an aetiology of Roman-Carthaginian hatred); her epitaph- her death: the appearance of Isis; the narrators comments- the responsibility for her death: herself? the gods? some combination of the two?- their meeting in the underworld: a reversal of roles? II. From Troy to Italy- opening scene in Book I: Aeneas in the past, wishing to be back in Troy- the pictures at Didos palace at Carthage: scenes from his heroic past- his experiences at Troy: the traditional warrior; the deaths of sons before their fathers...
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