O14. Aeneid VII-XII

O14. Aeneid VII-XII - Euryalus relevant that she is a woman...

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Classics 2123: The Roman Way Spring 2008 Lecture 14: Virgil’s Aeneid , Books VII-XII I. War in the Aeneid - war always considered glorious in epic, but Virgil here exploring a civil war - war also in the world of the Aeneid not an end, but a means to an end - this contrast helps to explain some of the features of Virgil’s description of war - deliberate, almost reckless, intensification of the horror - intensely felt pity for the victims II. Aeneas and the ‘failed’ heroes of the Aeneid - Aeneas in many cases defined by what he is not, and contrast between him and others always in the background o Nisus and Euryalus (Book IX): ardent warriors loyal to each other but undone by eros and their inexperience o Pallas (Book X): good warrior but inexperienced; not able to defeat Turnus o Lausus (Book X): loyal and dedicated son, but, like Pallas, unable to defeat a superior enemy o Mezentius (Book X): cruel and arrogant; a tyrant; a despiser of the gods o Camilla (Book XI): a warrior led astray by her desire for plunder (like Nisus and
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Unformatted text preview: Euryalus); relevant that she is a woman? too much a figure of the Homeric world? o Turnus (Book XII): brave and honorable; respects the gods; not trustworthy; and often described with terms of violence: his request to ‘rage before I die’ III. Aeneas a new type of warrior?-whereas Turnus shows all the arrogant self-confidence we would expect of a Homeric hero, Aeneas shows qualities that suggest he will be a different type of warrior-can be frenzied and angry at times: his rage and indiscriminate slaughter after death of Pallas-transformative scene at the death of Lausus (compare Aeneas’ treatment of Lausus with Turnus’ earlier treatment of Pallas)-Aeneas’ pledge in Book XII if victorious: peace between peoples-breaking of treaty in Book XII and Aeneas’ subsequent slaughter-final scene between Aeneas and Turnus: is Aeneas in the old world or the new?...
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