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Unformatted text preview: tively) of the enzyme in the presence of inhibitor H. What type of inhibitor is H? Predict and briefly describe the structure of inhibitor H. No drawings required. You are examining three types of cells under the electron microscope. You know that one is a bacterium, one is a plant cell, and the third is an animal cell. From their structures, how can you tell which is which? Tutorial 1 Questions Page 2 of 3 LSM1401 6. The pKa values of the α‐carboxyl, α‐amino, and R groups for lysine are 2.16, 9.06, and 10.54, respectively. (a) Examine the following structure of lysine. Can this structure exist at any pH in aqueous solution? Explain. (b) 7. 8. 9. 10. Semester 2 2008‐09 会算peptides Calculate the isoelectric point of lysine. Many types of cells in the human body secrete products such as enzymes. (a) What method of tr...
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