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Q6. Study Questions for Lecture 7

Q6. Study Questions for Lecture 7 - lar familiaris and the...

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Classics 2123: The Roman Way Spring 2008 Study Questions for Lecture 7. Roman Religion 1. What are some of the difficulties present to us in studying Roman religion? 2. What is polytheism? How does it differ from monotheism (aside from the obvious)? 3. What do we mean when we speak of the “formalism” of Roman religion? 4. What is animism? 5. What function do the
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Unformatted text preview: lar familiaris and the penates have in Roman religion? 6. Which gods make up the Capitoline triad? What are their functions? 7. Who is Hestia? Who cared for her cult? 8. What is the pax deorum? Why is it important? 9. Who are the augurs and what do they do? 10. What is a haruspex (pl. haruspices ) and what is his function?...
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