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Education Which brain do you want write two questions or thoughts you have about using drugs, alcohol, smoking, caffeine what causes someone to begin to abuse substances at a young age? what steps can I take as a teacher to help them be freed from that? our brain is the most complex organ in the universe as many neurons as there are stars 20 -30% of calories vocabulary neuron prefrontal lobe – largest in humans, 30% of the human brain, includes judgment, impulse control, planning, doesn’t completely develop until about 25.
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Unformatted text preview: temporal lobe – involved with language skills, vocabulary, reading, listening, social cues, cerebellum – involved in coordination, both physically and mentally. brain facts tips for a healthy brain protect your brain – avoid brain injuries avoid toxic substances get enough sleep manage your stress eat healthy take a multiple vitamin everyday exercise keep learning don’t believe every thought we have...
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