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lecture 4 the brain works on similar things, not differences, pays attention to differences don’t put their name on the board for discipline, don’t call on them if they don’t know the answer, they will not build trust We are inadvertently in love with the “influence of power” and we need to be in love with the “power of influence” –difference between being controlling and being in control not saying that you will be their best friend, but they have to feel safe around you. periodic updates – they discuss how you are teaching – teachers pet, favorites
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Unformatted text preview: ON THE MIDTERM Most important factor in effective classroom management = Mindset of Teacher brain can remember 3 4 things, keep that in mind with rules as well if you dont get enough sleep, you wont have your memories you need water for your brain. it uses a lot of water mirror neurons do as I do more neurons connected to visual than almost anything else breathing changes if people are stressed auditory when your voice goes up, you are telling them that you dont care. voice goes down, it is more serious....
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