lecture 5 - 98% - close to you will help, 2% it doesnt help...

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Education Lecture 5 October 2 – midterm you can have standards, but you need to get the entire situation don’t make judgments and write kids off, it takes time to move past that remember the emotional part, high emotions will inhibit learning kids aren’t trying to mess you up. they can’t do it internally, so they need help give both verbally and visually set limits and enforce them – be consistent
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Unformatted text preview: 98% - close to you will help, 2% it doesnt help escape time doesnt mean you, some times you can and it will help give specific feed back why is it good small bites ADHD, past failings dont BS they know that it is BS 95% of classroom management can be taken care of by engaging them VERBAL/VISUAL ASSOCIATION WITH LITERACY will be on the test ANSWERS ARE GIVEN!!...
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