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Education Lecture 8 alternative final a project (open to ideas) that will cover the lectures due last lecture session – December 4 th basics of reading if you have a student that is having trouble, go through these things phonemic – also used to be called syllables transition between a foreign literate to English is a whole lot easier, than those that don’t have the background alphabetic – our language has a lot of different quirks. it is one of the easiest language to learn if they don’t know the alphabet or phonemic, you can’t decode decoding also does affect fluency and comprehension graphic organizer – can be a quick write/draw some people may need to draw first, sometimes may need to write first.
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Unformatted text preview: make sure to ask students to share during class why is this (the visual organizer) is good for learning honors different learning styles graphic organizers and brain implications it helps to get into long term memory – repetition works with relationships and connections similarities and differences is hardwired from survival gets it solidly in short term memory. it can be dropped as quickly as 14 seconds going back to stuff multiple times uses multiple sections – gets into written, visual, and verbal works with identifying the key points and summarizing and use of concise words don’t use a graphic organizer if you don’t know how to use it....
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