Lecture 13 - Lecture #13 Side Note Lincoln MS needs...

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Lecture #13 Side Note Lincoln MS needs volunteers to listen to student give book reports 30 minutes per 2 students volunteer will ask students questions about the book need 180 volunteers 61% of families in neighborhoods that do poorly in school own no books most significant indicator of low achievement is poor lit skills Times 7:15 – 7:40, 10:17 – 10:47, 11:33 – 12:03 Tuesday November 27, Wednesday, November 28, Thursday, November 29 contact Margaret Delarosa (970) 488 – 5740 or mdelaros@psdschools.org Start with an anticipatory set connects both personal and academic prior knowledge introduce vocabulary sheltered instruction the best method out there applied to all levels and grade modify presentation vocabulary o 8 – 10 word rule, especially important with ELL and educationally disabled, as well as TAG students o teach vocab with fortune tellers, put the vocab on the flaps and the def inside, inside outside words, goes home with them to study o word walls o daily review and connection, changing, regroup word wall, definition checks o pass or play – associations o vocabulary – specific activities (word search to cross word, verbal volleyball) o vocab – done on the notes and then given in a list in the order they will find it wait time o processing time o needed to translate to and from different language realia paper manipulatives, flip books, fortune tellers, magic strips, accordion boos graphic organizers outlines (skeleton modifications, too) timelines, sequences (very small steps) webs o great for key notes
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content specific tools exemplars (teacher created; examples and non examples of rubric specific work)
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Lecture 13 - Lecture #13 Side Note Lincoln MS needs...

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