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NAME:______________________________________ SECTION #________ SCORE:___________/35 ACCOUNTANCY 207 EXCEL SPREADSHEET REQUIREMENTS AND GRADING INFORMATION SHEET THE ENTIRE ASSIGNMENT MUST BE DONE IN EXCEL OR A GRADE OF ZERO WILL BE GIVEN! ALL CALCULATIONS MUST BE DONE USING CELL FORMULAS! Each Excel Assignment is worth 35 points. Listed below are the Excel spreadsheet requirements and the corresponding points associated with each requirement. Deductions will be made from the 35 points to a score of zero if necessary. A printout of the cell formulas must be turned in or a grade of zero will be given for the entire assignment. There will be NO exceptions. SPREADSHEET REQUIREMENT POINTS PROFESSIONAL LOOKING (Use text exhibits or problems as examples) Tables/Statements:
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Unformatted text preview: • Headings: Centered & Proper (Includes Statement/Table/Graph Heading, Column Headings, & Row Headings) • Graphs: Center & Proper format and type (Include labels and legend if required) • Dollar Signs in the correct places • Correct Indentation • Correct Underlining • Optional Other (Color, Pictures, etc…) 6 DATA BLOCK (Only put data that is given in the data block) • Concise & Accurate 5 CORRECT ANSWERS 16 USE OF CELL REFERENCING (data should only be inputted once in data table and then referenced) AND CELL FORMULAS (all calculations must be done by cell formulas) • 1/2 point will be deducted for each cell that should be based on a cell reference and is not and for each cell that is missing a formula. Maximum deductions cannot exceed 8 points. 8...
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