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Utilitarianism notes

Utilitarianism notes - We care about the baby and don’t...

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Utilitarianism Psychological egoism – as a matter of descriptive fact about the human psyche, the only factor that ever motivates us to act is our own self-interest. Human motivation is thoroughly selfish, no actions are altruistic. Ethical egoism – as a normative matter, regardless of what actually does motivate human behavior, we ought to act only from self-interest. Whether or not an action is right depends solely on whether or not it advances our (long term) self-interest. The interests of others are never relevant to the assessment of our behavior. Psychological egoism can work with other moral theories. i.e.: Will of God theorists may believe that we ought to obey the will of God, but will not do so as egoists unless we have a self-serving reason to do so. Psychological egoism argument : 1. Rescuing an infant from a burning car. Why do we do this?
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Unformatted text preview: We care about the baby and don’t want the baby to die. There is no underlying self-interested reason in doing this. 2. Parents would never sacrifice for their children. They do not have a self-serving for doing this. Psychological egoism defense : 1. The payoff to come is the motivation to perform certain apparently altruistic acts. 2. We do not always want to do certain things that we do, but do them in order to achieve a pay-off 3. Doing what you want to do is selfish. “The soldier wanted to jump on the grenade.” Ethical egoism: If you want to do the right thing, the only thing to consider is your interest. i.e.: If I was to disembowel Bob, but there would be some positive consequence, I should do it. Ethical egoism arguments: 1. An egoist cannot consistently advocate egoism. Therefore, egoism is self-refuting....
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