To determine if cardiac function is compromised in

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Unformatted text preview: 95 and a blood pressure of 90/65. To determine if cardiac function is compromised in this patient you determine his cardiac output. His oxygen consumption is 200 ml/min, his pulmonary vein O2 concentration is 20 ml O2/dl, his pulmonary artery O2 concentration is 14 ml O2/dl and his heart rate is 65. What is his cardiac output? A. 3.0 L/min. B. 3.3 L/min. C. 3.8 L/min. D. 4.1 L/min E. 4.5 L/min. 5. The above patient’s condition (Q#4) would best be treated by which of the following? A. Sodium Nitroprusside B. Epinephrine C. Propranolol D. Dobutamine E. Nitroglycerin 6. A decrease in blood pressure produces the following reflex: A. increased baroreceptor firing rate B. increased systemic vascular resistance C. increased depressor center inhibition of the sympathetic pressor center D. decreased heart rate E. decreased heart contractility Medical
 7. Starting from the normal (solid lines), which picture answer choice on the right represents a failing heart with lo...
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