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-1OM 300 HW1 1. Question 14) Steamers restaurant uses operations management to function everyday. The management is good at communicating with one another the needs of the restaurant. Therefore, the restaurant is stocked with all the required ingredients and supplies needed for the restaurant on a regular basis. I would give Steamers a few suggestions that I think would help the business. The first would be to work on human resources. Steamers has problems keeping there employees. Mainly servers come and go from Steamers quite a bit. This means they have to spend more on training new servers. Another suggestion would be to increase advertising. Steamers rarely advertises and I think a little bit of local advertising could go a long way and would not be too costly. I think this would increase there customers and sales. 2. Case Question 1) Operations management is critical to the success of business because it is responsible for planning, coordinating, and controlling the business. Operations
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