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Unformatted text preview: ct config.xml; next startup dies I just updated, and now if I deploy an app it is not written to config.xml, and if I undeploy an app it is not marked as disabled. Therefore after undeploying, the server won't start any more because config.xml refers to configurations that are no longer in the config store. to reproduce: - Build modules/assembly - Start the server - Run java -jar target/geronimo-1.0-SNAPSHOT/bin/deployer.jar undeploy geronimo/console-jetty/1.0-SNAPSHOT/car - Stop the server - Start the server -- it dies during startup Inconsistency between API doc and spec The API doc of PM.getObjectById defines that a JDODataStoreException might be thrown. The spec defines that an JDOObjectNotFoundException might be thrown: API doc: If the <code>validate</code> flag is <code>true</code> ... If the instance does not exist in the datastore, then a JDODataStoreException is thrown. Spec: If the validate flag is true: ... If there is an instance already in the cache with the same jdo identity as the oid parameter, the instance is not transactional, and the instance does not exist in the datastore, then a JDOObjectNotFoundException is thrown. Update jdo.dtd for persistent property support From Erik Bengtson Here is a patch to DTD file - add embedded-only attribute to interface - add persistence-modifier attribute to property - allow nesting property element into embedded - allow nesting property element into fetch-group Again, I cannot commit. [patch] better support gcj compilation There are two methods in called 'delete'. That is a reserved keyword in C++ and these methods cause trouble for gcj which implements a clever workaround in renaming them delete$ but the OS X dynamic linker doesn't pick-up on it. The attached patch renames delete(int) to deleteDocument(int) and delete(Term) to deleteDocuments(Term) and deprecates the delete methods (as requested by Doug Cutting). Changing EJB port from 4201 to another value in config.xml does not take effect If the EJB port is changed in the geronimo/var/config/config.xml file, it does not take effect. For example, change <configuration name="org/apache/geronimo/Server"> <gbean name="openejb:name=EJB,type=NetworkService"> <attribute name="host"></attribu...
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