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Unformatted text preview: Bruce.Geerdes@Sun.COM> Date: Tue, 09 Aug 2005 14:29:43 -0600 To: bloggers@Sun.COM OK, that might have been it. I didn't have a properly formatted email in the "from address" field. I'm getting comments now. Thanks! Bruce Allen Gilliland wrote: >> hmm ... i have email notification working on my blog. >> >> the "from address" shouldn't really matter, but try putting in a properly formatted email address and see if that works. i think i use something like "". >> >> -- Allen >> >> >> On Tue, 2005-08-09 at 10:48, Bruce Geerdes wrote: >> > >>>>Is there a way to get email notification when comments are added to blog >>>>entries? I'm guessing there is, I just haven't been successful getting >>>>them to happen. I have "e-mail" comments checked in website/settings. >>>>Does it matter what is entered for the "from address"? >>>> >>>>Bruce the image field is hidden in the categories edit page dumping an email that describes the problem, and a workaround. edit-weblogcat.jsp in roller > > <%@ include file="/theme/header.jsp" %> > > <div id="content"> > > <roller:StatusMessage/> > > <html:form action="/weblogCat" method="post" focus="name"> > > <html:hidden property="method" name="method" value="update"/></input> > > <html:hidden property="id" /></input> > > Name:<br /> > <html:text property="name" /></input><br /> > > Description:<br /> > <html:textarea property="description" rows="3" cols="50"/><br /> > > <html:hidden property="image" /></input> > > <html:submit value="Update&q...
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