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Unformatted text preview: a raise exception I have a row in a Table that represents an object instance (eg User). Once of the object attributes (role) is another object. If the User does not have a Role, I get an exception - 'IllegalArgumentException on HTMLStringBuffer - null value parameter' (line 93 in HTMLStringBuffer) I think the problem is around line 393 in Column.java. A test for a null value before doing a buffer.append() would fix this I'm subclassing Column right now to override the renderTableData method, which seems to work. The pertinent lines of code are: (replace line 393 with) if (columnValue != null) { buffer.append(columnValue); } Or should HTMLStringBuffer be more forgiving? Or both? web apps need more dependencies, on admin objects in the same ear wars already wait for connection factories and ejbs, they need to wait for admin objects too. resolve plugin default properties from forrest.properties defined plugins The new forrest.properties.xml facility that allows plugins to provide configuration options has the potential to break backward compatability in its current guise. The problem is that for the defaults to be loaded the plugin list must be provided in forrest.properties.xml, however not all projects have this, certainly not pre 0.8-dev projects. All we need to do is iff forrest.properties.xml does not have a setting for requried plugins we default to using the setting in forrest.properties I think this only means changing the order in which the config files are loaded, but i don't have the time to check now, hence this issue. (thanks to David pointing this out on IRC) Jetty startup noisy and corrupts the startup progress bar output C:\OpenSourceJava\geronimo\trunk\assemblies\j2ee-jetty-server\target\geronimo-1.0-SNAPSHOT\bin>geronimo run Using GERONIMO_BASE: C:\OpenSourceJava\geronimo\trunk\assemblies\j2ee-jetty-server\target\geronimo-1.0-SNAPSHOT Using GERONIMO_HOME: C:\OpenSourceJava\geronimo\trunk\assemblies\j2ee-jetty-server\target\geronimo-1.0-SNAPSHOT Using GERONIMO_TMPDIR: C:\OpenSourceJava\geronimo\trunk\assemblies\j2ee-jetty...
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