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Unformatted text preview: prefixes URLs with the context path by default [AddResource.getResourceUri calls ViewHandler.getResourceURL which prepends the context]. This change will break every user jsp file which specifies a javascriptLocation attribute on tags such as JSCookMenu, HtmlTree, HtmlAccordionPanel (and others) as formerly users *had* to include the context path, and now it is *always* prepended to the provided url. While I do like the new behaviour, and find it more useful than the old behaviour, I'm sure a little more attention to backwards compatibility would be appreciated by MyFaces users. And at the very least, I think backwards-incompatible changes such as this really should be clearly announced on the mail lists, and noted in the SVN commit message. I've been asked by Martin to create this JIRA entry to track this issue. See also: http://www.mail-archive.com/users%40myfaces.apache.org/msg11139.html IE6: NPE in JavaScript when using <t:calendarInput> This Javascript error occurs in do { aTag = aTag.offsetParent; leftpos += aTag.offsetLeft; toppos += aTag.offsetTop; } while(aTag.tagName!="BODY"); when offsetParent is null. This seems to occur on occasion in IE (e.g. within a div with absolute positioning). The same problem is described in TAPESTRY-173 and TAPESTRY-222. A similar problems occurs at while(objParent.tagName.toUpperCase() != "BODY" ){ objLeft += objParent.offsetLeft; objTop += objParent.offsetTop; objParent = objParent.offsetParent; } Again, offsetParent can be null in IE6. An additional condition in the while loop prevents this gotcha. These problems doesn't occur on firefox 1.0.x My temporary solution is to catch the NPE and simply ignore it. selectOneRadio does not properly persist its value The selectOneRadio component loses its modified value when the view is re-rendered due to validation errors (or the like). For example: <x:selectOneRadio id="animalTypeGroup" value="#{animalManager.animalType}" layout="spread"> <f:selectItem itemVa...
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