In the deployment plan i have configured the

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Unformatted text preview: map = (Map) o; map.put(name, value); return; } } catch (OgnlException e) { if (e.getReason() != null) { final String msg = "Caught an Ognl exception while setting property " + name; log.error(msg, e); 53 throw new RuntimeException(msg, e.getReason()); } } catch (IntrospectionException e) { // this is OK if this happens, we'll just keep trying the next } } Support KeyProperty_ Conversion for List and Set currently, conversion to list ignores KeyProperty_ and conversion to Set requires KeyProperty_ , i am thinking about making both works for List and Set. Upgrade and migration script problems At least one site has experienced problems with upgrading from 1.X to 2.0. 1) The upgrade procedure did not create website handles or entries in the permissions table. The site in question was a highly customized site, but we should retest the 1.2 or 1.3 upgrade to 2.0 to make sure it's trouble free. 2) Upgrade process takes too long for very large Roller sites. We have some MySQL scripts that can do the upgrade very quickly, so perhaps we should include them in the release. 3) Indexes are missing for the permissions table and possible other tables. Lack of synchronization in the and deactivate method. Lack of synchronization in the and deactivate method. This causes an invalid handle IOException when a fast producer sends a large number of non-persistent messages to a slow consumer. TcpTransportServer shutdown race condition t1. TransportConnector.stop is invoked t1.1. which invokes TcpTransportServer.doStop, which does serverSocket.close t1.2. stop then blocks on runner.join (waiting for the thread to complete) in the mean time, the TcpTransportServer has a thread that is blocked in its run method on serverSocket.accept t2.1. serverSocket.accept unblocks with a SocketException t2.2. in the catch block, TransportServerThreadSupport.isClosed is invoked, which returns false because closed.set(true) is not invoked until t1.2 u...
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