Need to move shutdown jar to new servers i think this

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Unformatted text preview: hed?idx=xxx&id=yyy", i.e., a relative link to correct this problem. I've attached a small patch that fixes the error. I've tested the patch in my local environment and it fixes the error. Writes to repository broken When you download a database driver JAR from the console, it uses the writeable repository interface to save the JAR. Downloading a JAR called mysql-connector-java-3.1.11-bin.jar resulted in: - a repository entry of mysql/jars/jars-mysql-connector-java-3.1.11-bin.jar.jar (note 2 jars and 2 .jar) - a repository URI of mysql/jars-mysql-connector-java/3.1.11-bin.jar/jar (note extra jars and .jar/jar) EmbeddedDataSourceManager not properly connecting to Derby database The EmbeddedDataSourceManager is erroring out inside of isDatabaseInitialized() on the call to EmbeddedDataSource.getConnection() and throwing an exception with the message: Failed to start database 'PLUTO_PORTAL_DRIVER'. This occurs after the database is created, which appears to happen correctly (inside of <user.home>/portal-driver/data). It also appears to be related to a database lock (db.lck file) that is not properly cleaned up. I modified the shutdown() method to work properly, but shutdown() does not appear to get called. We might want to force a shutdown() if an Exception is thrown during startup (like in the constructor to DBPortletRegistryService, which is what I did to make sure shutdown() worked). I also suggest that we force a shutdown() after the database is created the first time. Also, I'm not sure if (and when) shutdown() gets called by Spring or other classes. As you are the chief architect of Pluto 1.1, you should be able to figure this out quicker than me (I came to this conclusion before you volunteered to look at the situation last night at the end of our IM conversion). Despite the shutdown and locking issues, I suspect that the error has to do with the database URL or connection string properties and will compared what you did in this class with my DerbyDataStor...
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