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Unformatted text preview: iding the fix.) Add a dtd and xsd for jdoquery documents JDO queries can be defined in their own files, separate from the jdo or orm files. As such, they need a document descriptor. The orm.dtd contains #CDATA and extraneous definition of element property Cleanup needed for orm.dtd. Startup Warning on tomcat - unknown default host The following Wanings are in the log during startup. [*********> ] 40% 32s Starting geronimo/tomcat/1.0/car 15:19:04,877 WARN [MapperListener] Unknown default host: localhost [*********> ] 40% 32s Starting geronimo/tomcat/1.0/car 15:19:05,647 WARN [MapperListener] Unknown default host: localhost [*********> ] 40% 33s Starting geronimo/tomcat/1.0/car 15:19:06,103 WARN [MapperListener] Unknown default host: localhost It appears that content does get served correctly from the tomcat web container. Jeff G has indicated this is potentially a race condition. Not sure if/how it is related to JIRA 1372.. DayTrader still using old geronimo-spec files A grep through the latest geronimo 1.0 branch shows that DayTrader is still using the old geronimo-spec files instead of the new ones in org.apache.geronimo.specs - applications\daytrader\ejb\project.xml 23 19: <artifactId>geronimo-spec-j2ee</artifactId> applications\daytrader\streamer\project.xml 25 19: <artifactId>geronimo-spec-j2ee</artifactId> applications\daytrader\web\project.xml 28 19: <artifactId>geronimo-spec-j2ee</artifactId> applications\daytrader\wsappclient\project.xml 13 19: <artifactId>geronimo-spec-j2ee</artifactId> Invalid login to console should not produce stack trace Invalid login, e.g. bad user name should not produce the following stack trace. I have not tested if jetty-server also has the same problem. 10:26:41,609 WARN [TomcatGeronimoRealm] Login exception authenticating username "s" Error filling callback list at
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