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Unformatted text preview: tance returned by all context.lookup("java:comp/ORB") calls in the server. This value is set in StandardServant using: // create ReadOnlyContext Map componentContext = new HashMap(2); componentContext.put("ORB", Util.getORB()); componentContext.put("HandleDelegate", new CORBAHandleDelegate()); try { enc = new SimpleReadOnlyContext(componentContext); } catch (NamingException e) { throw new RuntimeException(e); } which uses the ORB object returned from Util.getORB(). This ORB value is used for a lot during request processing, particularly when accessing information from remote references passed to this EBJ. If there are multiple CORBA beans configured for the server, this can create connection problems when the beans are configured with different TSSConfigs. In the case we ran into, an ORB instance configured for non-secure transports was trying to (correctly) use an SSL connection to perform an operation. The connection failed in this case because the ORB did not have the correct transport-level security configuration needed to make the connection. The appropriate solution would be for the StandardServant to set up the comp/ORB value to be the ORB associated with the owning POA instance (created in the TSSBean). Snippet macro doing weird things with text tag ldapmodrdn failed upon encountering blank space When specifying multiple entries for ldapmodrdn operation, according to the manual page ( "one or more blank lines may be used to separate each DN/RDN pair." However, it seems that currently ApacheDS does not allow any blank lines in the ldapmodrdn input. Note: I'm not sure if at least one blank line is actually required to separate the entires. To be safe, the blank line maybe can be made totally optional. The following operation currently will succeed in renaming both entries. > ldapmodrdn -h localhost -p 10389 -D uid=admin,ou=sy...
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