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Unformatted text preview: er at the Eclipse site and Aaron for their help. Link icon in console is the Gluecode Joe logo The link icon in the console (the icon used when creating bookmarks and in the location bar) is the logo for the Gluecode Joe product. I don't think we want to be shipping someone else's logo on our console :) -dain ClassCastExcption on reading JDO metadata in TestMapStringValueCollections This is strange because there is no error during enhancement. [java] 1) test(org.apache.jdo.tck.models.fieldtypes.TestMapStringValueCollections)javax.jdo.JDOException: Cannot read the JDO Meta-Data file "<input stream> java.lang.ClassCastException" [java] at org.jpox.metadata.MetaDataParser.parseMetaDataStream( [java] at org.jpox.metadata.MetaDataParser.parseMetaData( [java] at org.jpox.metadata.MetaDataManager.parseFile( [java] at org.jpox.metadata.MetaDataManager.loadMetaDataForClass( [java] at org.jpox.metadata.MetaDataManager.addORMDataToClass( [java] at org.jpox.metadata.ClassMetaData.populate( [java] at org.jpox.metadata.MetaDataManager.populateClassesInFile( [java] at org.jpox.metadata.MetaDataManager.loadMetaDataForClass( [java] at org.jpox.metadata.MetaDataManager.getFileMetaDataForClass( [java] at org.jpox.metadata.MetaDataManager.getMetaDataForClassOrInterface( [java] at org.jpox.metadata.MetaDataManager.getClassMetaData( [java] at org.jpox.metadata.MetaDataManager.getMetaDataForClass( [java] at org.jpox.AbstractPersistenceManager.hasMetaDataForPersistenceCapableClass( [java] at org.jpox.AbstractPersistenceManager.assertPersistenceCapable( [java] at org.jpox.AbstractPersistenceManager.internalMakePersistent(AbstractPers...
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