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Unformatted text preview: esn't exist, create a java.util.ArrayList, otherwise use the returned Object (an array or a java.util.List). (etc.) Note that <map-entries> has the same language, and therefore the same bug exists in MyFaces. The above behavior is properly implemented by the RI. Generally speaking, there is a problem that the managed bean facility is attempting to use PropertyResolver - which is cool, and which the spec should have done in retrospect - but I think is illegal, since it implies functionality and extensibility that is not stated in the spec, and language like the above for list-entries more-or-less implies that PropertyResolver is not used. NPE w/ UpdateActionListener when @property is Serializable If the property attribute of t:updateActionListener evaluates to a property in a backing bean that is of type Serializable, the call to context.getApplication().createConverter in UpdateActionListener.processAction() returns null. This results in a NPE at the bottom of processAction() . Patch attached. DefaultActionMapper ignores the root ("/") namespace As discussed on : I was expecting that configuring a package with namespace="/" would allow me to have actions in the "root" namespace i.e http://my-host/myApp/foo.action (without having that foo action available in *other* namespaces, as would be the case if i'd use namespace=""). From what I see, my action is correctly set up in DefaultConfiguration's namespaceActionConfigs map, however DefaultActionMapper ignores the leading / ChainingInterceptor doesn't accept null of CompoundRoot element ChainingInterceptor doesn't accept null of CompoundRoot element. Should print a warning and allow process to continue. java.lang.IllegalStateException: doFlush must return future. 2005-12-23 10:51:34,095 [IoThreadPool-1] ERROR ESMonitorProtocol MAIN - Exception : java.lang.IllegalStateException: doFlush must return future. at org.apache.mina.filter.codec....
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