Very bad performance using new ww 22 tags when

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Unformatted text preview: eared. That may not always be desirable. I suggest that the call to clear() is removed from DefaultByteBuffer.init(). That would take care of the bug described above. If the user wishes to wrap an NIO buffer she would have to make sure it is cleared if that is desired. NOTE: This isn't a problem in MINA 0.8. clear() isn't called on the wrapped NIO buffer in DefaultByteBuffer.init(). Does anyone know why this was introduced in 0.9? Apache2Transport::getBytes() may lead to access violation You can't use a function like strstr() on a non-null terminated string, such as the buffer filled by ap_get_client_block(). This is done in Apache2Transport::getBytes() in Apache2Transport.cpp, where the following code is copied from: len_read = ap_get_client_block((request_rec*) m_pContext, pBuffer, *piSize); if (strstr(pBuffer, "Content-Id")) { pAttachmentHelper = new AttachmentHelper(); ... pBuffer must be terminated with a '\0' before you can use it in a call to strstr(). So maybe that if(strstr... block should be moved down to just before return TRANSPORT_FINISHED; ? I am not sure of the intention of the code, so the author should make the decision. bin\startup.bat echoes batch file commands due to missing @echo off Network client: updateRow() causes a commit when autoCommit = true On the network client driver, the ResultSet method updateRow makes the transaction commit, when autocommit is true. The correct behavior is to commit only when the result set is closed. This works correctly in the embedded driver. The repro case is uploaded as an attachment "". Output (repro case): updateRow() should not commit Value: 16, expected value 1. Should not have committed updateRow() Daisy plugin intercepts all requests The daisy plugin currently intercepts all requests so it is imposible to mix content from multiple sources. forrest war: Cannot load 'resource://plugins.xconf ... WEB-INF/cocoon.xconf Doing 'forrest war' and copy to a full Jetty/webapps/ and st...
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