Accessing some request or server object members

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Unformatted text preview: p failing with IO Exceptions. loops forever if read from the container keeps failing with an IOException. On debug build it marks the system as corrupt , but in non-debug builds it just keeps retrying to read the page from the disk. I think that is not good, if a disk fails for some reason when attempting to read a page; Derby will just hog the cpu and user will not know why. possible NullPointerException in ActiveMQConnectionConsumer ( - <stop dispatching> java.lang.NullPointerException at org.activemq.ActiveMQConnectionConsumer.dispatchToQueue(ActiveMQConnectionCo at org.activemq.ActiveMQConnectionConsumer.dispatch(ActiveMQConnectionConsumer. java:116) at org.activemq.ActiveMQConnection.consume( AbstractListTag no longer allows nulls for the list attribute In version 2.1.7 list was not a required field for many of the webwork tags. This may cause issues where developers have extended AbstractListTag and have relied on a possible null value for the list attribute. The list attribute should continue to allow nulls and retain the default settings specified in 2.1.7 for the webwork tags to prevent breaking implementations. Fixing any data should preclude the use of any other data in the output. Once the FixVolatileData (LoggingEvent.cs 1212) has been executed all non-fixed data should be unavailable (null or some other n/a value). Currently it will be computed at use time, possibly in the wrong context. Add Tapestry @ JavaForge as related project Engine Service proxies don't correctly forward "post" parameter of IEngineService.getLink From the code for public ILink getLink(boolean post, Object parameter) { return _delegate.getLink(false, parameter); } Note that the "post" parameter is ignored and false is always passed through to the delegate. Not sure what the extent of the downstream effects is, but I've run in to one:...
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