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Unformatted text preview: ured"); child2.setProperty("ref", child1); root.save(); // perform test try { child1.remove(); parent.save(); } catch (ReferentialIntegrityException rie) { // expected since child1 is still being referenced by property "ref" of child2 } parent.remove(); // ==> should succeed but throws ItemNotFoundException site.lucene name colaps with site.html request Any link called site.html or site.pdf produce a loop on the search funcionality. The reason is an internal request called cocoon://site.lucene a work around would be to choose another name for this internal request. But this means that a request called /index-creation.html would have the same problem. Fix message when query compilation fails The message of failing query compilation should contain the query text. This is the case for method QueryTest.compileSingleStringQuery(String assertion, String singleStringQuery, boolean positive). It is not the case for methods QueryTest.compileSingleStringQuery(String assertion, QueryElementHolder queryElementHolder, boolean positive) and QueryTest.compileAPIQuery(String assertion, QueryElementHolder queryElementHolder, boolean positive). LocationMap fails to find files with embedded spaces in the URL The LocationMap fails to find files that have spaces embedded in the URL. For instance, in my case, it will find But fails to find it as Identification Report.pdf Incidentally, for information on resolving to PDF files please see http:[email protected]/msg01212.html typo in SSO sites portlet Password is misspelt in "Field name For Passowrd value: " broken link in SSO documentation Broken "Jetspeed-2 Single Sign On" link on http://portals.apache.org/jetspeed-2/guides/guide-sso.html page. Show Header attribute of sheet tag is loosed after page refresh If i write <t:sheet showHeader="true" The page renders ok for the first time. If I cl...
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