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Unformatted text preview: pes are: -- Size for (; __n > 0; --__n, ++__first) ^ detected during instantiation of "void std::generate_n(_OutputIter, _Size, _Generator) [with _OutputIter=int *, _Size=Size, _Generator=int (*)()]" at line 9 of "t.cpp" 1 error detected in the compilation of "t.cpp". New FM templates don't support booleans very well http://forums.opensymphony.com/thread.jspa?messageID=22263 Freemarker rendering of input tags should not apply locale formatting (See thread: http://forums.opensymphony.com/thread.jspa?threadID=8531) The problem is caused by freemarker, which by default renders certain quantities in a Locale aware manner. This means that ints like 20000 will be rendered as 20.000 or 20,000, depending on the Locale. This works fine for outputting, except in the case of inputfields. This causes problems when we want to update values in a form, because the value presented in the textfield tag is no longer a correct string representation of the int value (20000 vs 20.000), meaning the int value will not be set correctly in the Action. The solution should be easy: make sure the rendering does not apply locale formatting for tags that will submit values. Derby Log Viewer performance problem When the Derby Log Viewer is rendered on the Servers Log page, the DerbyLogHelper.java copying ALL lines from derby.log and sending it back as a request attribute. As the Derby logfile grows, this will consume more server cycles and eventually impact other user apps and response time. Also, the BufferedReader/FileReader is never closed, so this will leak a file handle everytime the page is rendered. This portlet needs to be replaced with the logmanager/LogViewerPortet implementation, so users can choose how many lines to display.... Dependency / Lifecycle Woes 1) Create a database pool 2) Create a SQL security realm with the database pool as a parent 3) Verify that both are in the running state 4) Stop the database pool 5) Verify that both are in the stopped state...
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