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Unformatted text preview: alized(), sometimes all works fine. This bug is appeared on both Tomcat and Jetty. I can not reproduce this bug with the 100% probability on the latest snapshot. Even if I change the application a bit (rename the EJB or WEB project) this bug can disappear or appear again. It looks like some synchronization (racing conditions) problem: sometimes LocalHome of my bean is published before the ServletContextListener.contextInitialized() invoked, sometimes not. See the attached geronimo.log and a test application. Note that the geronimo.log contains both cases: 1. when the application starts fine 2. throws an exception. Sorry for the big size of the test application: I tried to minimize it, but only in the current state I receive this bug with the 50% probability. Note that on M5 this bug is 100% reproducible in my environment. XalanVector.hpp is missing initialiation of local variable The member function 'local_distance' declares 'size_type theDistance' but does not initialize the variable. The variable is passed to std::distance(itr,itr,distance), where its value is referenced and used in a '+=' expression. Failing to initialize 'theDistance' causes 'local_distance' to have undefined behavior, ultimately leading to a crash at runtime. Multibyte characters not supported correctly with the retrievePopupOutput for NetUI tag. Multibyte characters are not displayed correctly when the retrievePopupOutput NetUI tag is used to configure a popup window and flow. The JavaSrcipt written out to the popup window to close the window and pass the map back to the opener window does not have correctly encoded Strings. The problem is in the ReturnActionViewRenderer class which writes out the Javascript for the map that is passed back to the opener window. The response.getCharacterEncoding() needs to be set correctly to support the unicode Java String that is to be written out as a value for the map. The response for the popup window request in this case is strictly JavaScript to pass a map back to the ope...
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