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Unformatted text preview: ava] ... 43 more According to the xsd - jetty-builder\src\schema\geronimo-jetty-1.0.xsd - and JettyModuleBuilder the element is not mandatory. Component based IteratorTag never prints out is body IteratorComponent based solution refuses to write out any body content in resulting page, although all test passes and in test body is printed in mock output. Reported by: Alexandru Popescu Document geronimo-config.xsd The current geronimo-config.xsd has next to no useful documentation, and some of the elements are not very clear. mod_python.publisher iterables and content_type broken In 3.2, mod_python.publisher was modified so that if it encountered an interable it would recursively iterate over the items and publish each with the result being concatenated. FWIW, I personally didn't like this as I saw it potentially changing the behaviour of existing code, although perhaps in contrived cases or for test code only. I saw that this sort of behaviour should have been managed by the user by explicit use of a wrapper class instead, rather than it being magic. End of ramble. :-) Regardless of my concerns, the behaviour that was added is broken. Specifically, mod_python.publisher is setting the content type based on the content of the first item returned from the iterable. For example, consider the following: index = [ '<html><body><p>', 1000 * "X", '</p></body></html>', When published, this is resulting in the content type being set to 'text/plain' and not 'text/html'. In part this is perhaps caused by the fact that the content type check is now performed by looking for a trailing '</html>' in the content whereas previously it would look for a leading '<html>'. This was changed because all the HTML prologue that can appear before '<html>' would often throw out this check with the HTML not being automatically being detected. Thus at the time it was thought that looking for the trailing '</html>' would be more reliable. It ain't going to help to go back to using a leading '<html>' ch...
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