C java etc the intent was only to scan source code

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Unformatted text preview: /ns2:Boolean> <ns2:Byte>0</ns2:Byte> <ns2:Calendar xsi:nil="true"></ns2:Calendar> <ns2:Double>0.000000</ns2:Double> <ns2:Float>0.000000</ns2:Float> <ns2:Int>0</ns2:Int> <ns2:Long>0</ns2:Long> <ns2:Short>0</ns2:Short> <ns2:String xsi:nil="true"></ns2:String> </aBean> </ns1:aBeanElement> </SOAP-ENV:Body> </SOAP-ENV:Envelope> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notice how namespace, 'ns2' has been used without being defined! There is obviously something wrong with either the generated stub code or the serialisation of the message... Race condition in AbstractIoFilterChain There is a race condition that occurs due to filter handling in AbstractIoFilterChain. The bug manifested itself when using the client side of the SSLFilter impl. In the register method below - private void register( Entry prevEntry, String name, IoFilter filter ) throws Exception { Entry newEntry = new Entry( prevEntry, prevEntry.nextEntry, name, filter ); filter.init( this, newEntry.nextFilter ); prevEntry.nextEntry.prevEntry = newEntry; prevEntry.nextEntry = newEntry; name2entry.put( name, newEntry ); filter2entry.put( filter, newEntry ); } filter.init causes the ssl client HELLO to be sent to the server. If the client and server are on a fast network, the server response comes before the filter has been "put", causing it to be handed to the IoHandler. Solution is to init the filter after putting it on the session. startup.sh is not executable when built on windows startup.sh is not executable in the bin directory. This is a usability issue. Alternatives for the user are: use "sh startup.sh" make the startup.sh executable with chmod +x startup.sh I was using the geronimo-1.0-M5.tar.gz archive. When I met all you guys at OSCON, everyone was running around with Macs. Making the archive on a Mac should have been ok. The problem usually happens when someone does it from Windows. Changes to keyword scanner to scan all text files and warn about the existence of zip, tar etc The keyword scanning tool searches files which have an extension (spec...
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