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Unformatted text preview: override this cleanup, so you can never see the database contents for debugging. Therefore, we should remove the line that deletes the persistent instance. Problems with javamail implementation There are a couple of problems with the Geronimo javamail implementation: 1) When adding recipients to the message using the array form, the address list is not updated correctly, resulting in a ClassCastException when the message is sent. 2) The MAIL commands used by the SMTP Transport code (currently in the sandbox) is not compatible with all SMTP servers (i.e., the Apache James server). The email addresses on the commands need to be enclosed in "<" ">" pairs Iterative dev of inherited page flows is broken This issue was reported to me by Steve Pepper. To reproduce: - Expand the attached project and build it with 'ant clean build'. - Deploy it to Tomcat. - Hit http://localhost:8080/inherit/pageFlowCore/inheritConfig/Controller.jpf. - Click the "baseAction1" link. - Change pageFlowCore/inheritConfig/base/ so that baseAction1 forwards to "unused.jsp". - Build with 'ant build'. - Redeploy the webapp. - Hit http://localhost:8080/inherit/pageFlowCore/inheritConfig/Controller.jpf. - Click the "baseAction1" link. EXPECTED: See the "Unused" page (unused.jsp) ACTUAL: See "Base Page" (basePage.jsp) -- the change you made did not take effect. checkbox and listbox do not handler converters well lookupSet is filled using either getSubmittedValuesAsSet or getSelectedValuesAsSet. Both of these routines use RenderUtils.internalSubmittedOrSelectedValuesAsSet(), which uses RenderUtils.getConvertedStringValue(). getConvertedStringValue() always returns strings. Hence, lookupSet.contains() should always compare against itemStrValue (rather than itemValue.) This impacts 2 files: 168,170c168,173 < boolean checked = (useSubmittedValues && lookupSet^M < .contains(itemStrValue))^M < || (!useSubmittedValues && lookupSet.contains(itemValue));^M --- > // bool...
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