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Unformatted text preview: ing a JSP using the <ww:form> tag, in a standard WW 2.2 setup (using Spring and Freemarker templates), I get serious performance degradation. With <ww:form> : around 620 ms per request With <form> (plain HTML): around 180 ms per request My best guess is that Freemarker is consuming the time parsing it's templates, but we should profile this better. Complex type with complexContent which extends a base type with simpleContent causes scomp failure If you have a schema with the setup as follows: <xsd:complexType> <xsd:complexContent> <xsd:extension base="baseType"> ... Then the baseType referenced must (by rule 1 be a complex type. However the spec does _not_ specify that the baseType must itself have complexContent. It appears that the spec allows simpleContent. However XmlBeans as it stands will fail specifying that a complex type _with complex content_ must be provided. Example error message is below: bmecat_2005.xsd:3681:5: error: src-ct.1: The specified base type [email protected]://' must be a complex type with complex content. If we remove the check at StscComplexTypeResolver line 529 that checks for simpleContent (without removing the check for simpleType) the checkintest appears to work and we get files generated which compile correctly. I will attach a patch which does that and updates the error message. Generated code always converts the XMLBeans things into OM representation (vice versa) Dennis stated in his most recent performance test that the performance may be imporoved by directly writing to the stream. The generated stubs always fully build the OM tree which is a perf bottleneck PooledConnection seems to close all of the sessions when the connection is closed Errors in PostgreSQL upgrade script and code for Roller 2.0 PostgreSQL users upgrading from Roller 1.3 to Roller 2.0 run into fatal errors during Roller startup. There are two parts to...
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