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Unformatted text preview: tNode.addNode("path"); n2.addMixin("mix:lockable");; n1.lock(true, true); n2.lock(true, true); System.out.println("n1.isLocked() = " + n1.isLocked()); System.out.println("n2.isLocked() = " + n2.isLocked()); assertTrue(n1.isLocked()); assertTrue(n2.isLocked());; n1.unlock(); System.out.println("n1.isLocked() = " + n1.isLocked()); System.out.println("n2.isLocked() = " + n2.isLocked()); assertFalse(n1.isLocked()); assertTrue(n2.isLocked()); } Results in: n1.isLocked() = true n2.isLocked() = true n1.isLocked() = true n2.isLocked() = false which is wrong. Dispatcher seed-v2/samples/index.html has TransformerException: java.lang.ClassCastException following Cocoon upgrade Our packaged Cocoon was upgraded at SVN r355366. With the "seed-v2" site, the front index.html is processed properly. However, samples/index.html produces an error. See attached error.log Fix order of makePersistent() and addTearDownClass() in localSetUp methods The order of calls makePersistent() and addTearDownClass() in localSetUp methods is significant: addTearDownClass() must be called before makePersistent(). This ensures that the next test run will cleanup the database. Currently, many tests call makePersistent() before addTearDownClass(). Given that there is data in the database that will cause a duplicate key exception, the database will not be cleaned up, because tear down classes have not been added at the time the exception is thrown. inconsistent session state after Item/ throwing ReferentialIntegrityException issue reported by [email protected] on jackrabbit dev list. code fragment to reproduce issue: // setup test case Node parent = root.addNode("a", "nt:unstructured"); Node child1 = parent.addNode("b", "nt:unstructured"); child1.addMixin("mix:referenceable"); Node child2 = parent.addNode("c", "nt:unstruct...
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