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Unformatted text preview: of any function. // check each field - IE will render "null" if (author) { = author; } if (email) { = email; } if (url) { theForm.url.value = url; } Do comments in x2 and Sunset themes work? Do the comments for the "x2" and sunsets "themes" work? Both of these themes apply a different tactic to display the comments form, but submitting that form doesn't seem to leave any comments. (via email from Kevin Chu) German trans. contains specific welcome.title The file contains "Willkommen bei" as a translation for welcome.title. According to the english file "Willkommen bei Roller" would be correct. White blotches in areas of calendar If you use a calendar in a theme that has a background image (e.g. x2) the calendar will display white patches at top and bottom. I traced this to the stylesheet entry for td.hCalendarDayNotInMonth, in the file base.css. The fix is to remove the line that sets background-color from this style entry. Missing delete user UI control The descriptive paragraph on the user admin page claims that one can delete users entirely, but there doesn't seem to be any control that allows you to do that. Inheritance mapping 2 needs to be changed to support polymorphic relationships to Employees Inheritance mapping 2 is incomplete wrt Employee relationships. Due to this lack, implementations cannot figure out the right runtime type at navigation time, e.g. navigating from Project to Employee. In t-conference, Sep 30, Craig proposed to drop the identity propties from PK columns of tables persons, fulltimeemployees, parttimeemployees. Instead, we introduce implementation-defined sequences to generate unique key values for all instances of the Person class hierarchy. Having unique PK values for each row in the hierarchy, implementations are able to find out the right runtime type when navigating Employee relationships. We need to adapt the schema and the ORM metadata in order to reflect these changes. ClassCast exception due to refactoring of configuration hierarchy and adding the ServiceGroupContext Operation context returns its parents parent as the Configuration context ....
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