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Unformatted text preview: ityServiceImpl] JACC factory registered Error: This command cannot be run unless connecting to a running server. Specify --url if server is not running on the default port on localhost. Using distribute instead works as expected. Remove external SNAPSHOT dependencies Remove dependencies on external SNAPSHOTs so release is consistently rebuildable Geronimo server assemblies do not set execute permission on *.sh scripts This was in the old modules/assembly/maven.xml Scripts in assemblies servers probably don't have right permissions In the servers built with the assembly plugin, the scripts all come from unpacking them out of a jar file (generated in the scripts module). Presumably they won't have the correct file permissions. Packaging a car with the maven plugin, using the geronimo.include properties on dependencies, fails All jars end up in the "jar" entry in the target car. Button labels on Generate Keystore Page dialog not consistent. The Generate Keystore pair dialog has 2 buttons labeled "submit", "Reset", and "cancel". All of the buttons should have an uppercase first character. Type conversion not working for map QName class escaped from startup classpath QName class is no longer in the startup classpath: it's copied into the lib, but the jar name in the manifest classpath is no longer correct due to spec jar renaming. Jetty & Tomcat Consoles use conflicting Keystore GBean Geronimo Console application under Tomcat does not start. Upon clicking the "start" link in "Application EARs" portlet, the message "Configuration not found" is displayed in console. The following errors are logged to geronimo.log 11:23:27,292 ERROR [PortletInvokerImpl] PortletInvokerImpl.render() - Error while dispatching portlet. javax.portlet.PortletException: Configuration not found at org.apache.geronimo.console.configmanager.ConfigManagerPortlet.processAc...
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