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Unformatted text preview: \"Jackrabbit Webdav Server\"" According to http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2617.txt, a valid challenge would be: WWW-Authenticate: Basic realm="WallyWorld" Note that "realm" is not capitalised and "WallyWorld" has been enclosed in quotes (the "WWW-Authenticate: " string is held elsewhere in the Java code and is correct) In other words, AbstractWebdavServlet.java line 82, which currently reads: public static final String DEFAULT_AUTHENTICATE_HEADER = "Basic Realm=Jackrabbit Webdav Server"; should be changed to read public static final String DEFAULT_AUTHENTICATE_HEADER = "Basic realm=\"Jackrabbit Webdav Server\""; session.setNamespacePrefix() creates ambiguous mappings 1.) assume the following initial global mappings in the NamespaceRegistry (prefixes in lowercase, URIs in uppercase): a <-> A b <-> B c <-> C 2.) locally remap the namespaces in a session using the following code: session.setNamespacePrefix("x", "B"); session.setNamespacePrefix("b", "C"); session.setNamespacePrefix("c", "B"); this results in the following session-local mappings: a <-> A c <-> B b <-> C 3.) now the following stmt: session.setNamespacePrefix("b", "A"); produces this ambiguous mapping: b <-> A c <?> B c <?> C Double click doesn't work on 'Available' side of Palette component The contrib:Palette component's double click ability is broken. This is a regression caused by the fix for TAPESTRY-302, svn commit #332718. The line ${availablePath}.ondblclick = ${selectFunctionName}; should be put back in. Remove pm.deletePersistent from query tests The query tests delete the persistent instance that they create at the end of the test using pm.deletePersistent(). Now that we use the new cleanup mechanism (addTearDownClass(Class)), there is no reason to deletie the instance. Also, the new maven option jdo.tck.cleanupaftertest cannot...
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